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Yacht Couple

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Yacht Couple game

A fun-filled, sunny romantic vacation is what this couple is looking forward to! They're sailing on their luxurious yacht to that exotic island they'll be spending their dream summer vacation on, and since it's bad luck to go on a voyage at sea wearing unstylish clothes, they're counting on you to help them look their best there, on the yacht's deck, facing the crystal blue ocean! Play the couple on a yacht dress up game and style up this gorgeous couple! These two have done some serious shopping, especially for this long planned sunny vacation! Just take a look at all of their trendy chic summer outfits and stylish accessories, getting this lovely couple dress up game started, and you'll see what I mean! The lovely mademoiselle has enriched her vacation wardrobe with so many stylish, lightweight sundresses, starting with her comfy chic t-shirt dresses, continuing with her pretty, chic full skirt minidresses and lovely ladylike, belted knee-length sundresses. That's not all! Keep playing the couple on a yacht dress up game and you'll discover plenty of chic summer blouses to pair with trendy pants and flouncy miniskirts. All of the fashion summer looks you'll put together for her cannot be but so sophisticated chic! If, to all of her designer summer clothes you add some gorgeous, colorful jewels, some fancy strappy heels and a stylish hairdo, then it's certain, she will start her summer vacation in big style! How about rummaging through her handsome boyfriend's stylish outfits and accessories, too, while you're playing this cuteholiday couple dress up game, helping him stand up to his girlfriend's high standards of style, too?  

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