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Singham Returns

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Singham Returns game

The Official game for the Blockbuster movie ‘Singham Returns’ of 2014 by Rohit Shetty Production & Ajay Devgan Films. Play as Bajirao Singham in the official game of Singham Returns and fight against corruption in the City of Mumbai!  Get ready to go on a hero’s adventure as you run through the streets of Mumbai. Jump over obstacles, flip cars, ride a Bullet and bash enemies into the ground to become the unstoppable force of justice in this free, fast paced, action adventure game. Immerse yourself in stunning environments of Mumbai city as you journey through from suburbs to the city hunting down crime. Throw briefcases, baskets and even coconuts at enemies or whip them with your Police Belt to sweep away evil from your beloved city.  Let loose the inner Lion and become Singham! Game Features:  • Official Game of Singham Returns. • Simple & intuitive Controls. • 5 stunning and beautiful environments of Mumbai City to play through. • Endless mode to test your reflexes. • 5 epic boss battles. • Throw Bins, Traffic cones, briefcases and even Coconuts to take down enemies. • Hop on a police Bullet and Zip through the city looking for trouble. • Whip out your belt and unleash a whirlwind of special attacks. • Unleash your fury with the Singham Mode. Get all the latest updates, tips and tricks about Singham Returns here: Instructions:  • Avoid obstacles by jumping. • Collect Coins to buy items or upgrade power-ups • Pick up various objects scattered throughout the level. • Battle enemies while you run, attacking them with the Raw power of SINGHAM! • Wipe out the source of corruption in epic boss battles! * Permission: - ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine your location for region based offers. - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress Get in the know! Receive all the latest news from Reliance Games, plus game updates, videos tips & more… Visit us:  Like us:  Follow us:  Watch us:

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