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1) What is is India's premier portal for casual games! Think of a game, we've got it! From world-class shoot-em-ups to games with an Indian flavor! Along with you, we hope to build the largest gathering of cult gamers in India. Our mantra is simple - Everybody should be Game!

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Just click on what you think you need:
For customer service, please email
For advertising, affiliate partnerships, and business development opportunities, please contact us at If you have other questions, suggestions, or comments, please visit to get in touch with us.

3) This is my first visit to - how do I start playing the games?

Dude! All you need is a Web browser (like the one you are currently reading this on!), an Internet connection and the correct plug-in for your Web browser.

4) Can I get my username or password sent to me?
If by a freak of nature or a catastrophe you have forgotten your username or password, please click on this link to access the "Reset Password" tool. You will be asked to enter the email address you registered with us (you do remember that, don't you?), and a new password will be mailed to that address.

5) Do you sell my personal information to third parties?

No. We DO NOT sell your email address. (But we might just send it to the Interpol's list of Wanted Criminals for a laugh!)

6) Why am I denied access to my account?

Because an evil Alien from Jupiter has conspired against you!
Seriously, it's possible that you have entered the wrong username and/or password at the login prompt. Your password is case-sensitive. If you need further assistance, please send us an email on

7) What are "cookies"? Does the site use cookies?

Cookies are yummy, cream filled baked savories, made to expand your waist-size. Cookies are also small files stored by the site onto your computer. A cookie includes some of your information, such as your username and your password. If you have modified your browser preferences to disable cookies, will ask you to log in again each time you visit us. Basically, cookies just make your online life easier, though probably not tastier.

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