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Stylist of the Year

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Stylist of the Year game

Do you have the talent and the creativity needed for becoming the new “stylist of the year”? Then respond to these three major challenges here, a make-up, a fashion and a room decoration one, and show off your skills as you go for this title! This gorgeous supermodel here is more then willing to let herself beautified and fashionized by you! So, let's get it started! First of all put together a glamorous, statement make-up look for her to stand out from the crowd of fabulous ladies attending that extravagant New Year's Eve party that she's about to attend! Opt for a bold red lipstick, a touch of blush and a coat or two of dark black mascara or go for a sheer pink lip gloss contrasting with a sharply colored eyeshadow instead! Don't forget to select the head-turning New Year's Eve hairstyle, too, for this gorgeous mademoiselle! It definitely is one of the most impressive fun New Year's Eve games for kids that you've ever enjoyed, isn't it? Then, step into her dressing room and help her decide upon that head-turning, attention-grabbing, fancy outfit to wear on his special night! A stylish leopard print dress maybe or rather a dazzling, sequined strapless black one or maybe you prefer pairing a sequined top with some chic shorts pants, some eye-catching statement stockings and with some fabulous heels, too? Once you're done with the styling up part, go on and decorate the room of that luxury restaurant that this fancy VIP party will take place in, as well!   



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